What is Kik Messenger & How Can You Use It to Find New Friends?

kikimgIn the world dominated by the likes of Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others, the name Kik may not sound overly familiar to some people. It was founded by Canadian students back in 2009, and its popularity skyrocketed soon after the initial release. As of May last year, over 300 million people have registered on Kik. All you need in order to register is an email address. After that, you can download the free app on your phone, and you’re ready to go! But what exactly sets Kik apart from the competition, and why should you turn to it?

The app has all the functionality you’d expect from a messaging app. It includes a live chat, group chat, many expressive emoji and gifs to choose from, short video messages, and more. It utilizes a clean and simple interface which is quite pleasant to look at and easy to navigate. Moreover, it allows you to interact with a range of bots, that can function similarly to AI assistants.

When it comes to the more uncommon features that truly make the Kik Messenger special. Firstly, there is the seamless integration of “Kik codes”. These are quite similar to the more widespread QR codes. You simply scan them with your camera and connect with other personal or business accounts. Most importantly, this messenger allows for complete user anonymity! Not onlykikcode is your account kept private and untraceable, but the app does not even store your chat history or exchanged multimedia content for long after they have been sent.

Something that makes the Kik Messenger truly shine is just how easily you can find and socialize with new people. All that it takes is for you to do a keyword search and find a public group filled with people that share your interests. Apart from that, you can easily add anyone on Kik either by scanning their Kik code or adding them by their details – for example – kik usernames. An integrated “share” option allows everyone to easily promote their account and expand their network of connections.

Today, this great application is available on both iOS and Android-powered devices. Unfortunately for Windows fans, however, the steady decline of the Windows Phone had led to Kik removing their app from the Windows Store. As such, you can no longer use Kik on the Windows Phone unless you download an older version from a third-party app store. For everyone else, it’s as easy as pressing a button.