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Age: 27

Gender: Female

About me:

Hi my name is Suzie im a very vibrent outgoing girl with a personality to kill. I work a 3rd shift job (that shall remain nameless) and i love it not the hours but i do love my job. on my nights off i like to go out and have a good time. Im not much off a drinker I CAN say i have never been drunk but i will have a drink or two if my mood is right. I DO NOT do any type off drug.Not only does my work do drug testing but i never really thought it was something for me anyway. I am going to school to get a degree in health and safty I plan on moving up at my job and plan on moving high up within the company. I love to travl whether its a two hour drive or three days i love it. I also skate on the roller derby team here in Springfield yes i do enjoy knocking the crap out of other girls. My family is a really big part of me and i come to realize from past exspericenes that if a person is not there for thir family why should i think they will be there for me so thats where i stand on that subject…moving along i love all music seriouly rap right down to opra country makes me sad so i dont listen to it that often. im hopeing to meet a guy that is out going and has goals in life. i think thats about it…oh yea if baseball was a man i would marry him soooo since i cant do that a guy that plays baseball is got extra kudo points in my book. *giggle*