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Kik Username: titannick.c75b

Age: 24

Gender: Female

About me:

I am a 2nd year medical student looking for someone to match my ambition, interests, and my sarcastic, dry sense of humor. Yes, I watch Family Guy. I am also a Sci-Fi junky, as in BSG was amazing. I enjoy hanging in our going out. I like having a workout partner or someone to play a mission with on Xbox360. I grew up in teh valley of southern california. I am in medical school, so my interests are…medical. And I want to help people of course. I am an only child, but I can share. I love country music, but I don’t like jazz (well, I respect jazz and I like live jazz, but otherwise I am not a fan). I can eat the same thing every day for lunch for about a month before getting sick of it. I have a borderline inappropriate obsession with stand-up comedy. When I was younger I wanted to be Lucille Ball when I grew up (but without the domestic violence). Monkeys and felines are my favorite animals. I just recently fulfilled one of my 3 lifetime dreams: I milked a cow. I plan to be a doctor and I am looking for a partner who has his own ambitions professionally and who shares the same views on family and personal life. Also, I am a bit picky. Sorry to those of you that don’t meet these requirements, but: 1. You must be taller than me 2. You must weigh more than me, be able to pick me up, and your hands must, must be bigger than mine 3. You must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree 4. Please have a recent (I mean, recent and therefore currently reflective of what you look like NOW, not 3 years ago before you gained 400 pounds and stopped working out). All of my pics are since May of 2009, so I am who I say I am and I look like what I say I look like. Updates since I first posted my profile: Well, school has started, and I am neck-deep in what we call “The Endocrine System”. My free time currently is spent studying, looking confusing terms up online, grocery shopping, and cooking interesting meals with what I have in my fridge. Oh, also keeping up on tv shows, naturally. And maybe buying a new printer. Also, getting back into working out on a regular basis. Any questions?