Snapchat Nudes & Sexting – Trending On Snap

snapchatHaving Snapchat is a must today, and if you are following what’s trending, you are well aware that your naughty side has a chance to shine. One of the newest Snapchat trends is sending sexts and snapchat nudes. Text s chat is boring, but Snapchat offers oh-so-many different filters and features that are making s chatting new and exciting once more!

Nowadays we simply can’t live without our gadgets and apps, and ever since it shown up, Snapchat had been changing the way we interact with people in our network. There’s something incredibly alluring in the idea that we are able to send photos and videos that will simply self-destruct when we tell them to, and disappear from the Internet without a trace.

That might be the reason why most of Snapchat users are young people who are smartphone addicts, submerging themselves in social media and trending features it can offer.


Forgetful and loveable

It’s not like Facebook, Viber, Twitter or Instagram, apps that “remember” everything you post, forever. No, Snapchat is so insanely popular precisely because you can send as many hot videos and photos as you want, and they will not save a single one. You can make it so your photos and videos disappear within anywhere between 1 and 10 seconds.


Ah, the fun we can have in this Internet era

Sure, the creators of this app claim that it is meant to be a way to interact with friends and family and that Snapchat s chatting wasn’t what they had in mind when they came up with the idea for this app. But, when you think about it, your Snapchat nudes are there to help you connect and share things with your very, very special friends.

If you still haven’t found that very special friend, and you feel a bit naughty, no need to worry, Snapchat is not the only place where you can s chat freely. There are dozens of websites that allow you to s chat with strangers anonymously.


There is a downside

Snapchat is not all fun and games, unfortunately. It seems that teens tend to use this app for s chatting as well under pressure by their peers and that sometimes has dreadful results. Young adults feel safer and more liberal with this app, so they send explicit materials of themselves more freely. Unfortunately, there were several cases that got into the headlines, where teens were bullied because of Snapchat sexts and nudes that the recipients not only saved but also distributed.


Then why do people love it so much?

It’s not bad at all if you use it the right way, and send your provocative content only to people you can trust.

If you like using apps and filters on your smartphone, you will love them once you realize how they can spice up your intimate life.  Be a hot little fox, or a playful doggy, and tempt your crush or partner with short disappearing videos.

If you’re a bit shy, you can always send a hot selfie with a teasing caption, or a video where you can flirt subtly, use voice alternating features, or any of the other options that come to your mind. You can be as silly, or as naughty as you want, and no one ever has to know!

A great plus is the fact that your d1rrty little sexts won’t have any embarrassing consequences (unless the person you’re sending them to manages to take a fast screenshot, but you will get a notification if that happens as well). Free your inner animal, spice up your sex life, and who knows how your partner might react!