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Kik Username: lamb_fb5

Age: 20

Gender: Female

About me:

Lets see I moved here from Upstate NY.. yeah I got lost. I have a job.. a car.. me and my best friend have an apartment together.. i have never been married and have no kids.. yu know one of those rare breeds down here lol. Just looking for some non shady people to chill with. I don’t do drugs or like being around people who do them. I am NOT interested in married men or men with a fiance or girlfriend. Or a man who is stuck on a girl from his past. OHH after being on here for a week.. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A ONE NIGHT STAND OR A SEX BUDDY!!! grrrr. i hate liars. people who say they are going to do something and dont. cheaters. psycho people. i hate anything that comes out of water. gross. i really reallyyyy HATE drama. and dont pull out infront of me then turn.. ughhh! i kina have road rage but i guess its a NY thing. I’m really a sweet girl… since everyone keeps asking if I’m one of those mean yankees lolol. GOD is great; beer is good; and people are crazy. ~~ sooo true. im pretty down to earth. i like to go out with my girls and have fun. shoot some pool. and chill. budlight lime= love. i like to go fourwheeling. muddin. camping. road trips. shopping …what woman doesnt.. watch moviees. i love music.. from country to rap to rock to techno to alternative. i LOVE to travel. jacked up trucks and fast muscle cars turn me on more than hott guys do. im just trying to live life to the fullest. i lovee the Yankees. and the Texas Longhorns. i heart Chuck Liddell && John Cena. sports are funnn.. tattoos=yummy. im obsessed with John Deere. anything random is awesome. i love watching scary movies with a guy, gives me a reason to hold his hand even tho im really NOT scared.. bahaha. i like to cuddle but damn give me space when I sleep. ok really dont ask me what I like. READ. (; yeah thats about it. lol message me. if i dont respond.. sorry Im just not that into you [[lol good movie]]. and dont cuss me out over it. kthnksbye.