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Kik Username: ilikeme7e73

Age: 19

Gender: Female

About me:

Hi. I’m a nice, friendly, cheerful lady, alone for almost two years and ready to begin again. I am from Huntington Long Island (yes, they say I tawk funny) but have weathered two winters up here and find it a wonderful, welcoming new home. I am emotionally, physically, and financially independent with no baggage to weigh me down. If you are kind, easy going, a homebody who likes to do country things or go out on the town as the mood strikes, we will surely be able to begin a friendship. If that is as far as it goes, isn’t friendship, in itself a miracle? Even friendship , for me, requires openness and sharing. If you keep your thoughts to yourself and don’t care about mine…not good. These profiles are limited and best way to go for me is to meet. I like walks, rides, locally to enjoy the scenery or cross country, country fairs (Schoharie sunshine fair is just weeks away), bluegrass (annual bluegrass fest in Norton Hill coming up and be great if we could enjoy together), smalltown concerts in the town square. Gardening is good and small projects around the house usually involving trips to home depot . I worked many years and now enjoy doing whatever feels good at the moment. So come visit and lets find something to do. Negatives??? My dog is large, not well trained and annoying, kids are always visiting with their children, making a mess and emptying the refrigerator.Both these negatives give me greatest joy but if you are not into seven little people and a dog jumping around I surely am not for you.