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Kik Username: chunky58c8

Age: 18

Gender: Female

About me:

Lets see….Im 22 and I work as a front desk attendent at a Hotel. I have two beautiful little girls. I been told that I can be very blunt at times but Im just real and too the point.Maybe that comes from being raised by a Navy man (Yes I am a military brat). I dont like playing mind games and the whole cat and mouse game. Im not a very materialistic girl so if thats what you are looking for thats not me…sorry…Although I times I may come off a little rude and snobby Im not at all. Im actually really easy going and laid back. I expect people to be who they really are and not put on a front because in the long run thats not going to get you anywhere.. I consider myself to be a rather intelligent person (and by that I dont mean school degree wise) After all anyone can have a piece of paper stating how “smart” they are, but that really doesn’t prove a thing. Ive been through alot in my life and Ive learned from my mistakes (and at times others mistakes)Anyhow, Just so you know if you see that I have veiwed your profile but did not send you an email that does not mean that im not interested..It might just be that I have as some would say, left the ball in your court… So if after reading all of this you still wanna chat… Just send me a messege and we will see where it goes from there.. “Some people speak from experience;Others, from experience, don’t speak” Anonymous “Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.Most people make the mistake of looking too far ahead for things close by.” Anonymous Last but not least….”It isn’t what they call you; It’s what you answer to!”