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Kik Username: button3adc

Age: 22

Gender: Female

About me:

ok i am fun loving, caring, cute, funny, sensitive, compassionate. My son is the most important person in my life. He is my # 1.I am the best mother I can be to him. I like to camp, i like warm weather , and rainy nights, I am a nerd because i like to read, I love action movies, and listen to any type of music except for rock.I love to travel, and i am very spontaneous.I love to laugh after all laughter is the best medicine. I work in the medical field and i love it. Just looking for someone who can be honest and real. so sick of games.Passion is a must. its a hard word to define but when you have it nothing else matters.Nothing else to do but live, laugh, and love because life is not a dress rehearsal… Good luck to all… ——————-///\—–Please ——————///-\—-Put This —————–|||—|||—On Your —————–|||—|||—account If —————–|||—|||—You Know ——————\-///—-Someone ——————-\///—–Who Died…… ——————-///—–Of Cancer ——————///\—-Or whom maybe —————–///–\—– suffering from it —————-///—-\——or a survivor.