Bit About Snapchat – Discover Username Opportunities

snapchat chartSnapchat is a Social Media application which allows users to share multimedia messages and most commonly pictures that self-delete themselves after some seconds. This is a very useful feature in the context of security and privacy as the user can decide how long the picture will appear. It is not possible for someone to save a picture they received however, they can take a screenshot of it, but the sender will be notified in that case. The temporary nature of the pictures and videos shared through Snapchat became a USP for the app and the basis for its growing popularity as it started a social media defining culture.

Snapchat started its journey from a college project that Evan Spiegel did when it was only called Pikaboo. He wanted to change the permanency of moments shared with friends through social media to something more spontaneous, real which gave the feeling of being involved in each other’s lives virtually. He was successful at accomplishing this and as Snapchat started adding more and more unique features to its app, it became more and more popular finally standing at the third position, leaving behind Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and just steps behind Facebook and Instagram. Over the period of time, Snapchat has added some very interesting features like stories and live video sharing that its successors in ranking Facebook and Instagram have added to their own apps. Even Whatsapp now has a story sharing feature, but Snapchat always stay one step ahead in its uniqueness and innovations. The most important reason for its success among millennial is its understanding of its users and their wants and needs. This is a group of users who have a very short span of attention time and live through various fads and trends. With such good insights about its user base, Snapchat has introduced amazing features like:

  • Snap Map – this shows the location of where the stories and posts were taken
  • Custom Story – You can now create stories together with friends and families of an event with all their inputs part of a single story
  • Limitless Snap – Earlier pictures or videos shared through Snapchat used to disappear after some seconds, but this feature allows the picture to stay for twenty-four hours before it gets deleted

With all these amazing features and this wonderful app, it’s natural that you want to share it with a wider circle. You can add more friends if you know their username, or if you have them in yoursnap how address book, then you can add them directly or by simply sharing a QR code. However, if you want to gain popularity on Snapchat then it is important that you find users to connect with, which is not as easy if you do not have the usernames or phone numbers but there are other ways to do it. There are General Snapchat User Directories like Ghostdir, Snapcodes, Ghostcodes which let you add yourself and also find new users who you can search by age, location or gender. Also, you can find lots of online websites (like this one) in order to find new snapchat friends. Then there are Demographic Snapchat Directories which are specifically focused on finding certain people fitting with particular demographics. There is Maximum Pop! Which is especially for celebrities, Vloggers and bloggers and you need to fit certain criteria to add yourself. A new possibility for higher education institutes to connect with the students is through using Education/College and university Directory.